Puzzah!–Where High Tech + Mystery = Fun

By Piper Bayard

Many entertainment businesses claim to be unique and original. Puzzah! actually is unique and original.

Puzzah! Logo


Puzzah! – rhymes with “Huzzah!” – is all about puzzles. It’s a place where interactive high technology meets good, old-fashioned mystery to produce original entertainment.

I visited Puzzah! with my teenage son, as well as fellow author and Social In contributor Susan Spann. The front room was tastefully presented, with various clever puzzles for sale that I hadn’t seen before. Friendly owner Sarah Cai greeted us and gave us our task—to find and diffuse a bomb. Then she showed us to the puzzle room and left us alone with the clock ticking.

The voice of a program introduced itself over an intercom and gave us our first clue. It took us a few minutes to get the hang of it, but the program continued to prompt us, and when we completed the first task, it gave us our next clue, and so on, until we had completed the mission. The puzzles we solved to get to the bomb were clever, engaging, and testing without driving us to frustration. Even though we ultimately failed in our mission and “blew up” the entire establishment, it was great fun.

Puzzah! would appeal to anyone of any age who enjoys a challenge and a unique activity. I highly recommend an adventure at Puzzah! for a date night, a family outing, or an evening hanging out with friends.

Susan Spann and Piper BayardBefore "blowing up" the building.

Susan Spann and Piper Bayard
Before “blowing up” the building.

Puzzah! is located at 1440 Blake Street in downtown Denver. Parking is available on the street and at several parking garages in the area. Cost is $60 per team for each room experience, and while they have accommodated as many as seven people in a puzzle room, they suggest two to four.

Get more details at the Puzzah! website, or talk to them on Facebook or at their Twitter handle, @Puzzah_LLC.

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