North Carolina Trucker Arrested for Trafficking a Minor

North Carolina Trucker Arrested for Trafficking a Minor

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Back in April, the Burlington Police Department and Alamance County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina got wind of a potential human trafficking ring that might be operating in the area. The US Marshals Service even got involved.

Friday August 8th, the US Marshals made their first arrest in the investigation. 23-year-old long distance trucker Bryant Lamar Williamson was arrested on charges of Abduction of a Child and Human Trafficking of a Child.

The Alamance County Sheriff, Terry Johnson, said they expect to learn more about the case, including potential suspects and victims, because Williamson was working as part of a ring.

He would make regular long hauls across the country to California. Interstate 85/40, which passes through Alamance County, is a big trafficking route, according to the county’s District Attorney, Pat Nadolski.

A North Carolina anti-trafficking charity, Not One Tear Project, says the rural areas and highways of North Carolina have become rife with trafficking, as gangs and drug cartels take advantage of “our major highways, many unguarded ports, our many Military bases, and the fact so many are unaware of this happening in our back yard. . .”

Truck stops in particular have become notorious spots for trafficking activity. Truckers like Williamson are perfectly positioned to carry victims across state borders to anywhere in the country.

(However, if the trucking industry is in the perfect position to take part in human trafficking, they’re also in the perfect position to identify and stop it. Check out my write up about Truckers Against Trafficking.)

In this case, Mr. Nadolski didn’t share the victim’s age, name, or any other personal information. . . which is how it should be done. In a comment on an article posted on The Times News, the Not One Tear Project said:

“We. . .are always pleased to read when. . .a victim has been identified by Law Enforcement that have obviously been trained in the victimology of human trafficking! Our hats are off to District Attorney Pat Nadolski for declining to give any details about the victim. . .the minor has been through enough and should remain totally anonymous!”

It IS encouraging to see a victim-centered mentality around the case. Instead of cajoling victims for information, asking them for court appearances—or worse, accusing them of prostitution—law enforcement recognizes that they need protection and support.

Williamson’s bond is set at $250,000. His first appearance in court was Monday, August 11. To follow this case, check in later with TheTimesNews.com, out of Burlington, NC.


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