Fountain Community Theater will be performing “Nothing But the Truth” (Comedy, mystery) on June 25-27 with a matinee on the 27th

Nothing But the Truth

This fast-paced comedy-mystery, set on an ocean liner around the time of the Titanic, strikes the perfect balance between humor and suspense (but without that awful sinking feeling at the end)!  David, an adventurous young man traveling with his sister, finds himself in a boatload of trouble after he pretends to be a spy in order to impress Katrina, a girl he has just met.  He enlists her help in solving a phony mystery he has created while Pete, who also has an eye on Katrina, rocks the boat after discovering competition from David.  But truth is stranger than fiction as David realizes that a real international mystery is unfolding on board ship.  He finds himself in the middle of an actual sabotage plot that forces him to delve into a dangerous mystery to save the ship from a hidden bomb!  Along the way, he discovers a passenger mysteriously traveling with a large sum of foreign money and is wary of Captain Kraus, whose name singles him out as a possible German agent.  With a slew of hilarious misleading clues, love triangles and mistaken identities, this entertaining, light-hearted tale of spies and espionage will peak your curiosity and tickle your funny bone!


Tickets are available online and at our fixed locations.


Ticket prices:


General Admission: $10

Preferred Seating: $12

Children 12 and under and Seniors $8

Family Package of four: $25

Additional person can be added to the family package for $5.


Tickets can be purchased on fountaintheater.org website or from the following locations:

Fountain Newspaper office at 120 East Ohio Avenue, Fountain, CO 80817

Ink Fountain Printing at 721 Dale Street, Fountain, CO 80817


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