Background Actors and Crew Wanted for Denver Short Film

We’re looking for background actors and crew members to work on a short film in Denver, Colorado from June 1 to June 4.

The project is titled HEAT: When someone is attacking women in her neighborhood, a young woman struggles to keep herself safe without descending into paranoia. Read more about the project here.

The film is being produced by Mythraeum, LLC. You can read more about us here.

This is a semi-professional project. We have both SAG-AFTRA and non-union actors in the cast, and both professionals and newbies on the crew.

The main cast and core crew members will be paid $100–$125 per day during the shoot. However, we’re not able to pay background actors on this production.

Crew members will be asked to participate in some preproduction activites, such as lighting rehearsals and constructing a few set pieces. You will be paid $100 a day during the shoot, but unfortunately we can’t pay for all the pre-production rehearsals. We’ll ask for as few rehearsals as possible in order to respect your time. We’ll also feed you during rehearsals.

We can offer food, DVD copies, and the chance to work alongside dedicated artists and seasoned professionals. This would be a great opportunity for film students, theater students, or people interested in spending time on a set to learn the ins and outs of a production.

If you’re interested or have questions, contact Leslie at HelloL@Mythraeum.com.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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