Abstract Pop Portraits signed art prints by FdlM $25 ea. Available Now!

Back by popular demand! Abstract Pop signed print of original 2009 works by Franck de las Mercedes. A celebration of icons that have made a mark on the artist’s life and the world of music, film, art and literature.
   On February of  2014, Franck de las Mercedes lost his entire life’s work in a five-alarm fire that destroyed his home and studio. Since then, Franck has been rescuing selected works by creating prints of selected pieces.
   The collection was created with designers, young art lovers and home decor pros in mind. Offering affordable, gallery quality works of art for their project or those shopping to add beauty to their home or work space. They also make great gifts or a great way to start collecting. Colorful artworks direct from the artist’s studio. SHOP NOW!

Pop Abstracto



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